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Our Mission

To provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date data acquisition and research services for any land transaction within the Territory of Guam. 

Our Story


In our new era of teleworking, distance learning, and frequent business and governmental agency  closures, we realized that new methods were necessary with researching property information, performing recordation services, and having consistent and accessing accurate and timely information.  

Pinpoint Guam was formed by leading, experienced professionals in Guam's real estate and technology fields who saw the need for its services and products.  Our mission is simple: provide publicly accessible information pertaining to real estate and land transactions with platform that bring powerful data analysis to our clients. 

Our team of experienced systems developers and seasoned property and real estate professionals have teamed up to fill the need for timely and accurate property data and Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E) reporting in the Territory of Guam.  

With the need now more than ever for information accessibility without needing to be physically present at the local Recorder's offices, our products and services were developed with the end user in mind.  With over 20 years of real estate experience and 20 years of systems development experience, Pinpoint Guam's founders saw the need for our services as local industry veterans on Guam who realized the same things as our clients now do. 


Trust Pinpoint to provide the research, information, and data  you need to accelerate your processes without compromising accuracy and costs.  

Experienced Leadership

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