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Dive Into the New Age of Property Data Acquisition

Our Services

Cloud Database Access

Access our property and grantor/grantee database to have the power to retrieve the information you  need with a few keystrokes.  Access over eighteen individual data points for search queries on land parcels, recorded documents, maps and more.  

RealFacts System

Access property data from recordings, including Legal Description, address, owner, square footage, transfer dates, recent sales and conveyance info and more, without compromising the integrity of the original assessor data.  

Custom Reporting Services

Pinpoint Guam can develop tailored and accurate search and reporting products to keep your ahead of the competition.  Choose from our collection of reports, including our Notification Service to monitor changes in title or property information, or we can work with you to create custom reporting to fit your needs.

Area Maps and Visual Layers

Our system integrates with street and area maps with interactive visual layers.  GIS data is aligned with parcel layers so our files are accurate to the latest recorded parcel boundaries and recorded information, including ownership, assessments, sales, and property characteristics.

Recordation Services

Why spend resources on processing recordations when Pinpoint can process them for you?  Subscribe to different tiers to get preferred pricing for multiple recordation processing, with express services available on demand.  Document retrieval of certain documents can also be accommodated when digital copies are not available.

Recordation Revtrieval

Order full sets of recorded documents associated with a specific parcel with a few simple clicks.  Our archive of documents includes: Grant Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Conveyances, Assignments, Modifications, Pre-Foreclosure Notices and more.

Full Customer Experience Service

Along with customer support, early adoption will mean priority access  to our newest products and services, including GIS and topo map overlays, assessment and tax data, and much more.  Speak to one of our representatives today!

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Whether you are a government entity or private business, add Pinpoint to your process to work efficiently and accurately.  We will work with you to customize solutions to suit your property research and data needs.

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