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Real Estate Data and Title Search Services


Get access to Pinpoint's premier real estate and land abstraction tool:


Accessible Real Estate Data

01. Fast & Agile

Through REALFacts, locate property information by entering a legal description into a parcel search.  REALFacts also has high-res maps to select any parcel or area and get the parcel information you want with a few clicks.

02. Up to Date

Instruments from our local Recorder are updated in REEALFacts on a daily basis. View recorded mortgages, deeds, and other publicly accessible instruments at your own convenience. Orders for electronic copies can be placed through REALFacts 

03. Continuous Product Improvement


Pinpoint's team of experienced real property title research and abstraction professionals, data analysts, and system engineers are constantly looking to improve our clients' ability to access accurate data to drive their business.  

Who can use REALFacts?



  • REALFacts is a real estate database developed by Pinpoint Guam Real Estate, in conjunction with the Guam Association of Realtors.

  • Use search filters to more efficiently find specific types of properties by lot size, zoning info, year built and more.

  • Get data on a subject property lot by using our mapping functions and viewing our GIS layers to access property information including ownership info and 26 other points of data.

Appraisers/ Surveyors

  • Use our GIS features and high resolution map layers to get topography, zoning, and other information so you can work efficiently.

  • Access our REALFacts database to review recorded maps and other instruments to accurately verify against recorded deeds and confirm legal descriptions. 

  • Use Pinpoint Guam's services to acquire copies of instruments directly from our Recorder, with a quick turnaround and minimal costs so you can focus on more important items for your business.

Law Firms and Financial Institutions

  • Our records are updated daily to index recorded instruments from our local Recorder.

  • Use our database to efficiently search Grantor/Grantee information and order copies of recorded instruments. 

  • Pinpoint can work with you to create custom reporting features to get you better data to augment your prospecting and origination goals. 

  • Use our upcoming service to receive a notification any time a registered property's interest changes, so are in the know. 

Government Agencies

  • Confirm ownership information to confirm the location to gain access someone's property, 

  • Easily identify easement boundaries and data.

  • Our map layers are use the most up-to-date datasets to incorporate ownership, easements and restrictions, assessment, sales, and property characteristics.


About Us


Pinpoint Guam Real Estate (Pinpoint Guam) offers title search and abstraction services, including Preliminary Title Reports/ Ownership and Encumbrance Reports, Assets Searches, and Name Searchers.

In support of our abstraction efforts, Pinpoint Guam has developed, what we believe is the most comprehensive real estate database for Guam Real Property and leveraged that into a digital portal that we call REALFacts.


REALFacts is beneficial for various stakeholders, including property buyers, sellers, investors, real estate agents, and government agencies.


Based on a cadastral land records system, REALFacts incorporates a deeds and grantor/grantee registry, and tabulates other real property data points to provide a powerful tool for land records abstraction. 


REALFacts is cloud based and mobile friendly, accessible from a smart phone or tablet. Our licensed users can access our map features and REALFacts tools anywhere on Guam.  

REALFacts is managed by a Service Organization Control (SOC) II compliant provider, attesting to our non-financial reporting controls related to the Trust Services Criteria set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA): security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


Pinpoint Guam strives to provide the best real estate data resource in the Territory of Guam to facilitate our partners and clients to work more efficiently using the best indexing, mapping, and reporting technology available for our industry.

Our vision for REALFacts is centered around these concepts:

Transparency: With detailed information on real estate properties, including ownership, transaction history, pricing, legal details, etc., the platform would foster transparency in the real estate market.


Accessibility: By centralizing information, REALFacts makes it easier for all parties involved in real estate transactions to access crucial data, potentially speeding up transactions and reducing costs.

Market Analysis: Investors and real estate professionals can use the database to analyze market trends, such as pricing patterns, demand, and supply, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Regulatory Compliance: Government bodies can utilize the platform to ensure that property transactions comply with local laws and regulations, thereby reducing fraud and other legal issues.

Integration with Other Services: The portal could be integrated with other digital tools like mortgage calculators, legal document generators, etc., providing an end-to-end solution for real estate transactions.

Enhanced User Experience: By providing a user-friendly interface with personalized features like saved searches, alerts, and other features, REALFacts could improve the overall experience for users looking to buy, sell, or rent property.

Educational Resource: For newcomers to real estate, the portal could act as an educational resource, offering guides, tutorials, and explanations for various real estate concepts and processes.

Promotion of Local Market: By focusing specifically on Guam, the portal could help promote the local real estate market to international investors and potential buyers, contributing to economic development.

Environmentally Friendly: A digital platform minimizes the need for physical paperwork and travel, contributing to a more environmentally sustainable approach to real estate.




Bobby Sachdev

Co-Owner/ Principal Broker, Landmark Realty

Shawn Blas

Principal Broker, RE/MAX Pacific Alliance Realty

Bobby Sachdev

Bobby Sachdev

"Every stakeholder in the industry, from attorneys to investors, should see the value in this. I wholeheartedly champion REALFacts as an indispensable tool for modern real estate professionals."

"REALFacts is not just a system; it's a revolution in how we access and interpret real estate information locally that benefits stakeholders and consumers alike."

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